The Underground
Season One, 1
S1X01 D&J II
Air date Aug. 14, 2005
Written by Simon Racioppa
Directed by Joanne Boreham &

Ron Doucet

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Fun For All
"Uh no! You have an appointment with death! And it's Miss!"
Miss Deeds


Delilah and Julius start off the series by getting a rare flower that will be used for experiments. Al tells them they did such a great job they can have the rest of the week off. However he informed tem to be more of a team.

Later at the train station they are waiting for their very late train. Al gave them tickets to go see women's volleyball together in order to see how real teams work together.

The discover from a security guard that 2 trains are missing and on it our foreign athletes that are now missing. Delilah and Julius go to investigate. They find an underground city being built. The missing athletes are part of a plot. Once their country find out that their athletes have been taken they will attack. This will create a trickle-effect causing all countries to fight each other. The only safe place left would be this new underground city.

Julius find and recues the athlete, with Delilah stops the Miss Deeds. Al later congratulates them on a job well done!


Julius : You Ma'da have an appointment with Justic.
Miss : Uh no! You have an appointment with death! And it's Miss!


Goof Julius : Blackbird at 12 O'clock
However the helicopter was directly behind them. That would be 6 O'Clock


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